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Admed Gap Cover

Admed Gap launched their benefit changes for 2020. Here’s an overview of the most important changes, effective 1 January 2020.

Contribution increases:

  • Group rates will increase by an average of 6.5%
  • Individual rates will increase by an average of 6.5%

Major changes:

  • The shortfall overall limit increased to R 165 000 per beneficiary per annum
  • MatchPay increased to three times the medical scheme rate

Match Pay Impact

100% Medical Scheme Rate  - 400%
150% Medical Scheme Rates -  600%
200% Medical Scheme Rates -  800%
300% Medical Scheme Rates -  1200%

  • The trauma counseling benefit increased to R750 per session up to R25 000 per year
  • The casualty benefit increased to a total of 3 visits at R10 000 for emergency and accident. One of the 3 visits can be an emergency only for child 5 years and under up to R2 000 per visit.
  • Claim notification period increased from 4 to 6 months

New Benefits

Violent Crime Benefit

  • Accidental Death and total disability due to violent crime will double up to R100 000

Baby Bump Benefit

  • A lump sum amount of R2 000 will be paid on diagnosis of pregnancy

Premium Waiver Benefit

  • R5 000 for 6 months will be paid upfront as a lump sum for death or total disability of premium payer due to an accident

Millennial Gap

  • Offers all Supreme and Primary Benefits
  • Available for member only with no dependents
  • Age banded from 18- 29 years old at a reduced contribution

Individual Rates

Product Primary Supreme
Below age 65 R282 per family R354 per family
Above age 65 R497 per family R528 per family


Disclaimer: While all reasonable care has been taken in compiling this communication, we have relied upon the accuracy and completeness of the information made available to us by the respective Product Suppliers. Consequently we cannot accept any liability for any errors or omissions that may arise as a result of the reliance on such information.


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