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Addition of dependants (Adult, child or baby)

Adding dependants to a membership at a later stage will require the completion of an ‘Addition of Dependant’ Form, which will also be subject to individual underwriting, except for newborn babies and spouses added within 90 days of the birth or marriage, however Late Joiner Penalties may be implied, when adding a spouse within 90 days of marriage.

To understand the underwriting and or Late Joiner Penalty implications, please click here.

Click here for an addition of Dependant Form

Click here for an addition of a baby Form

It is important for you to complete all the health related questions and the information regarding your dependants previous medical scheme, when completing the addition of dependant application form. If this information is not fully completed, the scheme will not process or activate the membership.

Who is eligible to join as a dependant?

Before application is made to add a dependant, other than a new born baby, please contact the scheme to ensure that the dependant is eligible to join.

In most circumstances, the following are applicable:

  • To qualify as an eligible dependant, the individual must be an immediate family member (blood relative, adoption, legal guardianship) and liable for family care and financial support; or be the divorced spouse of an employee, or
  • the second spouse of an employee in terms of African Law or Custom or under the principles of any religion, or a person with whom, the employee enjoys a relationship similar to the relationship of legally married spouses provided the legally married spouse of the employee may not be an adult dependant.

What if additional underwriting requirements are called for by the scheme?

If a member answer’s ‘yes’ to any of the health questions on application form, the scheme may call for additional health information (test results or questionnaires) in order to finalise the underwriting conditions to be imposed on the member/dependant.

Once the underwriting requirements are successfully received and processed by the scheme, a final decision letter will be forwarded to the main member. The member will be required to sign acceptance of the underwriting conditions (waiting periods and/or late joiner penalties) to be applied to the dependant and confirm the required date of commencement for membership to be activated. This process is to be completed within 30 days from date of issue of the acceptance letter. Once successfully processed new membership cards will automatically be generated and posted to the member directly.

Removal of dependant(s)

In order to remove a dependant from your membership, you will need to send your HR / Payroll department / Human Capital Department an email requesting the removal of the dependant(s).This email must contain the following information:

  • Membership Name and Surname
  • Membership Number
  • The Name of the dependant that you would like removed
  • The dependants Identification number
  • The date that the dependant must be removed.